Full-Grain Brown Kingston Cow Sides


  • Full-grain Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Typically measuring between 2 and 2.2 millimeters in thickness.
  • Approximately 18-23 Square Foot 
  • Brown


Full-Grain Full-Grain Kingston Sides Full Piece Brown Leather cow sides represents a distinguished category of leather that undergoes tanning using natural substances like tree bark, eschewing the use of synthetic chemicals. This venerable process bestows the leather with an innate, unadulterated appearance and texture, accompanied by a deep, lustrous brown tone that exhibits subtle variations influenced by the specific batch and tanning techniques employed.

Typically measuring between 2 and 2.2mmm in thickness, this grade of leather stands as a favoured material for a diverse array of leather products, encompassing belts, wallets, bags, and an assortment of small leather accessories. Its substantial thickness endows it with the durability and robustness essential for sustained daily use, while retaining a supple and malleable nature that renders it highly amenable to various leatherworking projects.

The Full-Grain Full-Grain Kingston Sides Full Piece Brown Leather cow sides serves as a versatile foundation for customization through dyeing or staining methods, thereby offering a broad spectrum of colour options to harmonise with a myriad of design preferences. This adaptability enables the leather to serve both utilitarian and aesthetic functions, positioning it as a favoured choice for the production of premium leather goods that seamlessly blend endurance with innate beauty.

A piece of leather of this kind typically spans an area of approximately 18 to 21 square feet, providing an ample canvas for an extensive range of creative endeavours. Whether employed for its inherent strength and practicality or its intrinsic visual allure, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather continues to captivate artisans and aficionados alike with its timeless elegance and enduring quality.

In essence, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional craftsmanship, offering a harmonious synthesis of natural aesthetics and functional resilience. Its organic origins and rich, nuanced character render it an indispensable cornerstone of the leatherworking realm, perpetually inspiring the creation of enduring, high-quality leather products that resonate with both authenticity and allure.

Additional information

Weight 3.45 kg
Dimensions 110 × 14 × 12 cm

Full Piece, Half Piece


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