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Product categories +

  • image002

    Accusharp Knife and Sharper


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    SKU: MAC4599

  • Placeholder

    Adjustable Swivel Knife


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    SKU: MAC1492

  • MAC928 1

    Angle Blade


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    SKU: MAC928

  • Placeholder

    Australian Strander/Lace Cutter


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    SKU: MAC921

  • MAC934

    Barnsley A92 Knife


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    SKU: MAC934

  • MAC933 1

    Barnsley Straight Edge Knife


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    SKU: MAC933

  • MAC3513 e1548198152630

    Carving Tool – Edge Bevel Hatched – 5 mm


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    SKU: MAC3513

  • Combination Sharpening Stone

    Combination Sharpening Stone


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    SKU: MAC4629

  • Diamond Bench stone Knife Sharpener

    Diamond Bench stone Knife Sharpener


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    SKU: MAC5416

  • Eze Lap Diamond Sharpener


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    SKU: MAC4624

  • MAC927

    Filigree Blade


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    SKU: MAC927

  • Sale! Folding Utility Knife

    Folding Utility Knife


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    SKU: MAC3949

  • MAC3748

    Gold Swivel Knife


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    SKU: MAC3748

  • image002 2

    Half round HEAD KNIFE 125mm


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    SKU: MAC4522

  • image002 2

    Half round HEAD KNIFE 150mm


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    SKU: MAC4523

  • Half Round Head-Knife100mm

    Half Round Head-Knife100mm


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    SKU: MAC1800

  • Ivan Easy-Grip Rotary Cutter

    Ivan Easy-Grip Rotary Cutter


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    SKU: MAC4879

  • image001

    Large Leather Scissors 120mm


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    SKU: MAC2912

  • Placeholder

    Leather Bench Splitter


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    SKU: MAC1802

  • Leather Cutting Knife

    Leather Cutting Knife


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    SKU: MAC4368

  • image002 4

    Leather Guage


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    SKU: MAC3410

  • MAC943

    Leather Round Knife – Barnsley 5 Inch


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    SKU: MAC943

  • Leather Scissors


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    SKU: MAC2914


    Leather Skiving Knife


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    SKU: MAC4024

  • Leather Strap Cutter


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    SKU: MAC3702

  • Left-Handed Mundial Shears -20cm


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    SKU: MAC4708

  • image001 2

    Mundial Shears -20cm


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    SKU: MAC4620

  • image001 3

    Mundial Shears 300mm


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    SKU: MAC958

  • osborne-leather-skiving-knife

    Osborne Leather Skiving knife


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    SKU: MAC3820

  • Osborne Round-Leather Knife 5 Inch

    Osborne Round-Leather Knife 5″


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    SKU: MAC3817

These leathercraft tools are used to cut leather. They can be leathercraft knives like Round Knives, Boot Knives, Skiving knives, or Strap Cutters, Leather Scissors, Kangaroo Lace Cutters and Thread Snips.

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