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Leather Knives




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  • MAC934

    Barnsley A92 Knife


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    SKU: MAC934

  • MAC933 1

    Barnsley Straight Edge Knife


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    SKU: MAC933

  • Sale! Folding Utility Knife

    Folding Utility Knife


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    SKU: MAC3949

  • image002 2

    Half round HEAD KNIFE 125mm


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    SKU: MAC4522

  • image002 2

    Half round HEAD KNIFE 150mm


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    SKU: MAC4523

  • Half Round Head-Knife100mm

    Half Round Head-Knife100mm


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    SKU: MAC1800

  • Ivan Easy-Grip Rotary Cutter

    Ivan Easy-Grip Rotary Cutter


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    SKU: MAC4879

  • Leather Cutting Knife

    Leather Cutting Knife


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    SKU: MAC4368

  • MAC943

    Leather Round Knife – Barnsley 5 Inch


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    SKU: MAC943

  • Osborne Round-Leather Knife 5 Inch

    Osborne Round-Leather Knife 5″


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    SKU: MAC3817

  • osborne-square-point-knife

    Osborne Square Point Knife


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    SKU: MAC3818

  • Osbourne Bevel Point Knife

    Osbourne Bevel Point Knife


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    SKU: MAC3819

  • Paris Curved knife


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    SKU: MAC932

  • Round Knife with Bone Handle

    Round Knife with Bone Handle


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    SKU: MAC3864

  • MAC4368.

    Spare Blades for Leather Cutting Knife – Pack of 10


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    SKU: MAC4367

  • Toledo Boot Knife


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    SKU: MAC3502

General purpose Knives used to cut leather.

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