Antique Finish Colours Kit – Pack of 6


6 X  Antique Finish colours in 125 mm bottles. These popular colours include Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Tan, Mahogany and Whiskey. Save approximately $10 buying them as a kit. Antique finish can be used to just dye leather but it is mostly used to highlight carving and stamping. It has a lacquer/sealer built into the product so does not need to be sealed. To gain extra shine apply Mac-Lace Seal-n-shine. To gain best results apply a thick coat and when it is almost dry, wipe off the excess leaving the antique finish in the hollows. Repeat the process as many times until the desired finish is achieved. Some apply up to 5 coats!

Additional information

Weight0.95 kg
Dimensions24 × 4 × 13 cm


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