Aeroblades 3 Throwers Red 228mm


  • 228mm Overall
  • Scorpion Graphic Art
  • Nylon Sheath


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The Aeroblades 3 Throwers Red 228mm is a formidable tool designed for enthusiasts of axe throwing, combining precision engineering with durable materials to deliver a reliable and high-performance throwing experience. With an overall length of 273mm (10.75 inches), this throwing axe strikes a balance between size and weight, making it suitable for throwers of various skill levels. The axe features a robust 3.5mm thick stainless-steel blade that is built to withstand the impact of repeated throws and maintain its sharp edge over time.

The Aeroblades 3 Throwers Red 228mm are a set of three throwing knives designed for precision and style. With an overall length of 228mm each, these knives are crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike who appreciate quality and performance in their throwing tools. The striking Scorpion Graphic Art on the blade adds a touch of flair to these otherwise sleek and functional knives, making them stand out from the crowd.

Each knife in the set is carefully balanced to ensure consistent and accurate throws, making them ideal for target practice, competitions, or simply honing your skills in the art of knife throwing. The red color of the knives not only adds a bold visual appeal but also makes them easy to spot in various environments, reducing the chances of misplacement during practice sessions or competitions.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these throwing knives are designed to withstand the rigours of repeated use. The blades are made from durable stainless steel, ensuring sharpness and resilience against wear and tear. The Scorpion Graphic Art adds a unique touch to the knives, making them not only functional tools but also pieces of art that collectors and enthusiasts will appreciate.

The ergonomic design of the knives allows for a comfortable and secure grip, enabling users to throw with confidence and precision. The balanced weight distribution ensures consistent rotation and accuracy, helping users improve their throwing technique over time. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of knife throwing or a seasoned professional seeking to perfect your skills, the Aeroblades 3 Throwers Red 228mm are a versatile and reliable choice.

To ensure safe storage and transport, each knife comes with a nylon sheath that securely holds the blade in place when not in use. The sheath is lightweight and durable, providing protection for the knives while also allowing for easy access when needed. Whether you are practising in your backyard, participating in a competition, or simply displaying the knives as part of your collection, the sheath offers convenience and peace of mind.

Overall, the 3 Throwers Red 228mm are a stylish and functional set of throwing knives that cater to both beginners and experienced throwers. The combination of quality materials, striking design, and precise craftsmanship make these knives a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Whether you are looking to improve your skills, compete in tournaments, or simply enjoy the art of knife throwing, these knives offer the performance and style you need to stand out in the world of throwing sports.

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