1 Prong Lacing Chisel – 4 mm


A 1 Prong chisel is a tool used for punching holes in leather for lacing. It has a single prong that creates 4 mm diameter holes, suitable for 4.7 mm wide Kangaroo Lace. The user strikes the handle with a mallet to punch the hole. It is popular among leatherworkers for creating precise holes in leather for different projects and ensuring a snug fit for the lace.

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A 1-Prong chisel is a specialised tool utilised for punching holes in leather for lacing purposes. This particular chisel is designed to create holes that are 4 mm in diameter, which is ideal for use with Kangaroo Lace that is 4.7 mm wide. The chisel is constructed with a single prong that is sharpened to a point on one end and attached to a handle on the other. To use the chisel, the user places the point of the prong at the desired location on the leather and strikes the handle with a mallet or hammer. This process creates a clean, circular hole in the leather through which the lace can be threaded. 

The 1-Prong chisel is a popular tool among leatherworkers and hobbyists who need to create precise holes in leather for various projects. It is commonly used for lacing together pieces of a leather garment or creating decorative designs. When using this chisel, it is important to select the correct size for the width of the lace being used to ensure a snug fit. This helps to prevent the lace from slipping or coming loose over time, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finished product. In addition to its functionality, the 1-Prong chisel can also be an aesthetically pleasing tool, often made with high-quality materials and designs. It is an essential tool for any leatherworker or hobbyist looking to create precise and secure lacing in their leather projects.

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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × .5 cm


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