No Stitch Bag Course Friday 21st June

No Stitch Bag Course Thursday 14th September

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8:30 am

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Mac-Lace Leather

Discover the joy of this No Stitch Bag Course Friday 21st June creating your own unique handbag without the need for any stitching! Join our exciting No Stitch Handbag Course on Friday 21st June and embark on a delightful journey of creativity and craftsmanship. Under the expert guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll learn innovative techniques to design and assemble a stunning handbag that reflects your personal style. By the end of the course, you’ll proudly take home a beautiful creation that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Course Highlights: No Stitch Techniques: Explore a range of no stitch techniques, including knotting, braiding, weaving, and more. Learn how to use these techniques to assemble a durable and stylish handbag without the need for traditional stitching.

The No Stitch Handbag Course provides a platform for you to express your creativity and experiment with different designs, materials, and techniques. Gain confidence in your artistic abilities as you bring your unique vision to life. Don’t miss the opportunity to join our No Stitch Handbag Course can unlock your potential as a skilled bag designer and creator. Immerse yourself in a hands-on learning experience, guided by expert instructors who will teach you innovative no stitch techniques. Let your creativity soar as you design, construct, and embellish a unique handbag that perfectly reflects your personal style. Sign up for the course today and take home a beautiful creation that will become a cherished accessory in your wardrobe for years to come.

George “The Crazy Craftsman” is an exceptional leatherwork instructor known for his unparalleled skills and passion for the craft. With years of experience in leatherwork, George brings a unique and dynamic teaching style to his classes. His enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring students to push their creative boundaries and excel in their leatherworking projects. George’s expertise spans a wide range of techniques, from stitching and tooling to dyeing and finishing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced leatherworker, George’s classes offer valuable insights, expert guidance, and an unforgettable learning experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your leatherworking skills under George’s tutelage.


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please get there 15 Minutes earlier to set up and get your toolboxes 

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No Stitch Bag Making Course


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Event FAQs

Is there Parking?

Yes, we do have adequate parking.

Is food and drinks supplied?

We supply coffee, tea and biscuts 

Will I need to bring my own tools?

No, we will supply everything you need. On arival make your way to the shop and collect your key for your toolbox. There is a $50 deposit on the toolbox. Please make sure you return every tool in order to receive your deposit back.

Can pictures be taken?

As part of the workshop we may be taking photos of the class in progress and the participants for social media and promotion. If you would not like to be in any photographs or to omit your face (if hand in progress photos are okay) please let the facilitator know. We can provide you with the images for your own personal use or tag you in social media posts.

Refund on cancellation?

Yes, as long as you give us 24 hours notice

Event Location:

Total Seats: 8
  • Mac-Lace Leather
  • 5 Natasha St
  • Capalaba
  • Qld
  • 4157
  • Australia

Event Schedule Details

  • 21/06/2024 8:30 am   -   12:30 pm
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