Italian Full Veg Double Butts 3.5 mm


Premium chocolate coloured full grain Italian veg tanned semi finished cowhide double butts used for mostly for leather belts. The top side is semi finished and can be left as is, or sealed. The underside of this leather is polished. This leather can be embossed. New product – also available in straps.


NOTE: This leather is too wide to be posted – Australia post requires that we cut the leather to fit into 1 metre wide (so cut in half). So if you proceed and order on line your leather will be cut to fit. Some locations we can send the full hide by courier … please call the office to arrange.


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Introducing our exceptional semi-finished vegetable-tanned leather, a premium material that exudes elegance and versatility. This exquisite leather boasts a rich Dark Brown colour, adding a touch of sophistication to any project. With its matt finish and moss-backed underside, this leather offers a unique combination of texture and durability. The top surface of the leather can be left as is, showcasing its natural beauty, or it can be coated with a sealer or oiled to enhance its appearance and provide additional protection. The choice is yours, allowing you to customise your creations according to your desired aesthetic.

Crafted with care in Italy, this leather is made using a 100% vegetable tanning process, ensuring a high-quality and environmentally friendly product. The use of vegetable tannins creates a distinct character in the leather, resulting in a supple and natural texture that only improves with age. Its organic origins make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate sustainable and ethically sourced materials. Each double butt of this remarkable leather is unique, varying in size and ranging from approximately 1.8 to 2.1 square metres. This flexibility allows you to purchase precisely the amount you need for your specific projects. The price is calculated based on the size in square metres multiplied by the price per square metre, ensuring fair and transparent pricing.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 25 cm

Small – Approx 1.8 Sq M, Medium – Approx 2.1 Sq M, Large – Approx 2.4 Sq M


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