Clear Sealer 5 Litres


  • 5 Litre – Clear Sealer is applied to leather to seal the leather.
  • When applied over dye, the sealer will stop the dye from leaching out of the leather.
  • Mix well before use. Apply sealer when the leather dye application is completely dried with the desired coverage.
  • These sealers are ready to use and can be applied by lint free cloth, brush, or sponge, each can create a different effect.
  • They can be mixed with dyes or antique finishes to create special effects and finishes. To avoid streaking (apply in a circular motion with a light hand).

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Leathercraft Clear Sealer is a liquid that is applied to leather that has been recently dyed – to stop the dye from leaching out of the leather. Clear Sealer dries clear with a slightly glossy finish. For more shine apply Mac-Lace Lacquer or Seal and Shine. Clear sealer can also be used to waterproof leather surfaces.

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Weight5.3 kg
Dimensions28 × 18 × 12 cm


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