Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Kit


Ultimate Leathercraft Hand Tool Kit for those setting up a workshop.

MAC2028 Nylon Mallet, MAC1996 Rawhide Mallet, MAC941 Safety Ruler, MAC3702 Strap Cutter, MAC2984 Rotary Hole Punch, MAC906 16mm Oblong Punch, MAC907 Oblong Punch 20mm, MAC 908 Oblong Punch 25 mm, MAC 3409 Sizing Template, MAC 4030 Stitching Awl, MAC 2708 Awl Half with Screw Fitting, MAC 1013 Awl 1 3/4 inch, MAC 1014 Awl 2-inch, MAC 1015 Awl 2 1/4-inch, MAC 884 Stitching Chisel 2 mm, MAC 3075 Stitching Chisel 2.5 mm, MAC 3076 Stitching Chisel 3 mm, MAC 883 Lacing Chisel 3 mm 1 Prong, MAC 881 Lacing Chisel 3 mm 3 Prong, MAC 2836 Lacing Chisel 3 mm 4 Prong, MAC 851 Press Stud Setter Small, MAC 850 Press Stud Setter Large, MAC 848 Rivet Setter
MAC 3480 Circle Edge Slicker, MAC 3580 Scratch Awl, MAC 920 Saddle Groover, MAC 935 Super Skiver, MAC 4099 Mini Anvil, MAC 973 Keen Edge Bevel No 1, MAC 974 Keen Edge Bevel No 2, MAC 975 Keen Edge Bevel No 3′ MAC 976 Keen Edge Bevel No 4, MAC 3502 Toledo Knife, MAC 3581 Leather Creaser, MAC 2802 Poly Work Board, MAC 3745 Strap End Punch 25mm, MAC 3746 Strap End Punch 32mm, MAC 3747 Strap End Punch 38mm, MAC 3204 Carving Starter Set, MAC 3817 Osbourne Round Knife, MAC 2913 Thread Snips, MAC 2914 Leather Scissors, MAC 949 Lacing Pony, MAC 1023 Perma Lok Regular, MAC 1024 Perma Lok Jumbo, MAC 3827 Two Prong Lace Needles, MAC1008 2/0 Harness Needles

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The Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Kit is the perfect choice for individuals looking to establish a comprehensive leathercraft workshop right from the beginning. Carefully curated to cover a wide range of projects, this kit provides users with the necessary tools to embark on various leathercraft endeavours. While there are always additional hand tools that can be incorporated over time, this kit serves as an excellent foundation for any leathercraft enthusiast. What’s more, purchasing this kit allows customers to enjoy a significant cost savings of approximately 30% off the regular price.

This all-inclusive kit contains an assortment of essential tools to tackle different leathercraft techniques. Firstly, it features a selection of high-quality cutting tools, including a rotary cutter, utility knife, and leather shears. These tools ensure precise and clean cuts, facilitating the creation of professional-looking leather pieces. Additionally, the kit includes a range of hand stitching tools such as stitching awls, needles, and thread, enabling users to seamlessly join leather components together with strong and durable stitching. Furthermore, the Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Kit incorporates a variety of shaping and moulding tools. These include a mallet, a nylon hammer, and a wooden burnishing tool, which aid in shaping and smoothing leather edges for a polished finish. The kit also includes a leather skiver, an indispensable tool for thinning leather and achieving desired thicknesses for different projects. With these shaping and moulding tools, users can achieve precise and refined leatherwork.

To enhance versatility, the kit offers a selection of marking and measuring tools. These include a wing divider, a compass, and a measuring tape, enabling accurate measurements and markings on leather surfaces. These tools are essential for achieving consistent and symmetrical designs, ensuring professional craftsmanship. Lastly, the Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Kit provides a range of hardware installation tools. This includes rivet setters, eyelet setters, and snap fastener tools, allowing users to effortlessly add functional and decorative elements to their leather creations. These tools ensure secure and precise installation of hardware components, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and usability of the final product.

In conclusion, the Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Kit is a comprehensive collection of essential tools for individuals looking to establish a leathercraft workshop. With its diverse range of cutting, stitching, shaping, marking, and hardware installation tools, this kit enables users to embark on various leathercraft projects with confidence and precision. While additional tools can be incorporated over time, this kit provides an excellent starting point for any leathercraft enthusiast. Furthermore, the significant cost savings of approximately 30% off the regular price make it an attractive option for those looking to invest in high-quality leathercraft tools.


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