Paris Curved knife


  • Barnsley Paris curved knife
  • 3 inch curved blade made from high-quality Sheffield steel.
  • The knife is designed for precision cutting and shaping of leather.

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The Barnsley Paris curved knife is a traditional leather working tool used for a variety of cutting and shaping tasks. The knife features a curved, 3 inch blade that is designed to easily cut through leather with precision and control.

The blade of the Barnsley Paris curved knife is made from high-quality steel that is both durable and sharp. The handle is typically made from wood or another comfortable and sturdy material that allows for a secure grip during use.

This knife is commonly used in leatherworking for tasks such as cutting leather strips, shaping leather edges, and creating intricate designs and patterns. The curved blade allows for greater control and accuracy when cutting and shaping leather, making it a versatile tool for leather workers of all skill levels.

The Barnsley Paris curved knife is named after its city of origin, Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire, England. It has been used by leather workers for generations and remains a popular tool for creating high-quality leather goods.

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