M-Tech Troughing Axe 273mm


  • 273mm (10.75″) OVERALL


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The M-Tech Troughing Axe 273mm is a formidable tool designed for enthusiasts of axe throwing, combining precision engineering with durable materials to deliver a reliable and high-performance throwing experience. With an overall length of 273mm (10.75 inches), this throwing axe strikes a balance between size and weight, making it suitable for throwers of various skill levels. The axe features a robust 3.5mm thick stainless-steel blade that is built to withstand the impact of repeated throws and maintain its sharp edge over time.

The sleek black blade of the M-tech throwing axe not only adds a touch of style but also serves a practical purpose by reducing glare, allowing throwers to maintain focus and accuracy during throws. The black finish gives the axe a sleek and professional appearance that is sure to impress both competitors and spectators alike. The blade’s weight distribution and aerodynamic design contribute to its stability and precision when thrown towards the target.

One of the standout features of the M-Tech Troughing Axe 273mm is its handle, which is wrapped in black cord for enhanced grip and comfort. The cord wrapping provides a secure hold and adds a tactile element to the axe, improving the thrower’s control and accuracy. The ergonomic design of the handle ensures that throwers can maintain a firm grip while executing different throwing techniques with ease, allowing for consistent and reliable performance.

For convenient storage and transport, the M-tech throwing axe comes complete with a sturdy nylon sheath. The sheath is designed to protect the blade from damage and prevent any accidental cuts or injuries when the axe is not in use. The sheath’s lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry the throwing axe to practise sessions, competitions, or outdoor excursions, ensuring that it remains in top condition for whenever it is needed.

Whether you are a seasoned axe thrower looking to enhance your skills or a beginner eager to learn the art of throwing, the M-tech throwing axe is a versatile and dependable choice. Its quality construction, balanced design, and user-friendly features make it a valuable addition to any thrower’s collection. With proper care and practice, this throwing axe can help you improve your accuracy, technique, and overall performance in the thrilling world of axe throwing.

In conclusion, the M-tech throwing axe is a well-crafted and functional tool that combines style with performance. Its durable stainless-steel blade, sleek black finish, comfortable cord-wrapped handle, and included nylon sheath make it a practical and stylish choice for axe throwing enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you are aiming for precision in your throws or simply seeking an exciting outdoor activity, the M-tech throwing axe is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment as you hone your skills and aim for the bullseye with confidence and accuracy.

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