Leathercraft Glue Water Soluble Contact Adhesive 500 mls


This very strong water soluble glue is much easier to use than the old fashioned solvent based glues – and it is classed as a non flammable product so can be sent via the post. The glue has a milky appearance but dries clear. To use apply to both surfaces and just before the glue is dry join together. You can also apply 2 coats for extra strength. To apply 2 coats apply the first coat – wait till completely dry – then apply the second coat and just before the second coat dries join together.

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Tips on using the Water Soluble Glues…… These glues have a milky appearance and they are rapidly absorbed by porous leather, especially the underside of leather. To get results you need to apply 2 coats of the glue. Apply a generous coating of the glue to both surfaces to be joined then let this dry completely. (say 1-2 hours). This first coat of the glue will soak into the leather and most of the adhesive properties are lost however it forms a binding substrate that the next coat of glue will adhere to. Apply the second coat and wait until it is tacky, then join the 2 pieces of leather together.

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