Kangaroo Hide Crust Natural


A Beautiful Stiff Tanned Kangaroo Crust, fantastic for wallets, bags, liners and small projects. It does require a sealer when finished. Because kangaroo leather is thinner and lighter than other types of leather, it is often preferred for sports and outdoor gear, such as hiking boots, soccer cleats, and motorcycle gloves. The natural water-resistant properties of kangaroo leather also make it a popular choice for products that are exposed to moisture, such as horse saddles and gun holsters.

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Kangaroo Hide Crust Natural is a distinctive type of leather derived from the skin of kangaroos. During the initial stage of leather processing, known as the “crust” phase, the kangaroo skin undergoes thorough cleaning, dehairing, and tanning processes. However, it has not yet been dyed or finished, resulting in a natural, raw appearance and texture reminiscent of suede. Renowned for its strength, durability, and unique texture, kangaroo crust leather holds significant value. Kangaroo skin possesses a tight grain structure, contributing to a leather that is both supple and tough. These characteristics make it highly suitable for an extensive range of products, including footwear, gloves, and accessories.

Given its thinner and lighter nature compared to other leathers, kangaroo leather is often favoured for sports and outdoor gear such as hiking boots, soccer cleats, and motorcycle gloves. Furthermore, the inherent water-resistant properties of kangaroo leather make it a popular choice for items exposed to moisture, such as horse saddles and gun holsters.

Kangaroo Hide Crust Natural offers versatility in terms of customization. It can be dyed and finished in various colours and textures, allowing for a wide range of aesthetic options. Alternatively, it can be left in its natural state, which enhances its rustic charm.

The exceptional texture and durability of kangaroo crust leather contribute to its popularity among high-end leather goods. Luxury brands and skilled artisans frequently utilise this material to craft unique and long-lasting products. The distinctiveness of kangaroo crust leather sets it apart, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking premium, one-of-a-kind items.

In summary, kangaroo crust leather stands out due to its origin from kangaroo skin, its raw appearance and texture, and its remarkable strength and durability. It is a preferred material for various applications, particularly in sports and outdoor gear, where its lightweight and water-resistant properties shine. Whether dyed and finished or left in its natural state, kangaroo crust leather adds a touch of rustic elegance to high-end leather goods, embodying quality and longevity.

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