Italian Double-Butt Natasha Black


  • 3.6/4.0mm Thickness
  • With an aniline finish.
  • Black
  • Full Veg Italian

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Introducing our exquisite Italian D/Butts Black 3.6/4.0mm with an aniline finish, meticulously crafted with the finest materials and superior craftsmanship. This luxurious leather boasts a stunning aniline finish, dyed through with a captivating brilliant black hue, making it an exceptional choice for discerning customers seeking elegance and quality. Each double butt of this exceptional leather is sold individually, providing you with a generous amount of material to bring your creative visions to life. It’s important to note that each double butt varies in size, offering a range from approximately 1.8 to 2.1 square metres. This ensures that you receive a unique and versatile piece of leather, perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.

The price of this Italian full grain Double Butt leather is calculated based on the size in square metres multiplied by the price per square metre. This transparent pricing method allows you to accurately determine the cost, ensuring a fair and straightforward transaction. This remarkable leather is highly coveted in the world of saddlery, leather goods, bags, and belts. Its durability and strength make it an ideal choice for crafting saddles that withstand the rigours of equestrian activities. Additionally, it lends itself perfectly to the creation of premium leather goods, such as wallets, briefcases, and accessories, elevating them to a level of sophistication and refinement that is unparalleled.

The Italian D/Butts Black 3.6/4.0mm with an aniline finish provides a sense of depth and richness, showcasing the natural characteristics and beauty of the leather. Its dyed-through nature ensures that the colour remains vibrant and consistent throughout, even with prolonged use and exposure to the elements. This exceptional quality ensures that your creations will stand the test of time, maintaining their allure and allure for years to come. Indulge in the unparalleled beauty and versatility of our Italian full grain Double Butt leather. With its luxurious appearance, exceptional durability, and timeless appeal, it is the perfect choice for craftsmen, artisans, and leather enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking to create a bespoke saddle, a statement bag, or a refined belt, this remarkable leather will undoubtedly exceed your expectations, elevating your creations to new heights of excellence.

Experience the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and quality with our Italian full grain Double Butt leather. Discover the endless possibilities it offers and unleash your creativity with a material that embodies elegance, sophistication, and durability. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this exceptional leather that will transform your projects into true works of art.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 25 cm

Small – Approx 1.8 Sq M, Medium – Approx 2.1 Sq M, Large – Approx 2.4 Sq M


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