Customised Logo made to order


Create your own custom embossing stamp to brand your leather and wood items with a personalised logo. Simply send your logo to [email protected] and choose from three different sizes. The stamp can be heated up and used to create an embossed imprint on your leather and wood items.


Introducing our exclusive service: Create your very own personalised Customized Logo made to order to effortlessly brand your leather and wood items with a unique logo. We offer a seamless process that allows you to transform your custom logo into a stunning embossed imprint. Elevate your craftsmanship and leave a lasting impression on your creations. To get started, simply send us your custom logo as a high-quality JPEG file to [email protected]. Our skilled team will ensure that every intricate detail of your design is faithfully replicated on the stamp. We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, so you can trust us to produce a stamp that perfectly represents your brand.

We offer three different sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a subtle and compact imprint or a bold statement, we have the right size for you. Choose the option that best aligns with your vision and desired branding outcome. Our embossing stamp is designed for convenience and ease of use. It can be easily heated up and applied to your leather and wood items, enabling you to create professional-looking embossed imprints effortlessly. The high-quality construction of our stamp ensures durability and precision, allowing you to achieve consistent results every time.

Please note that due to the custom nature of our service, delivery times may vary. We strive to complete and dispatch your order within one to two weeks. We understand the importance of timely delivery, and our team is dedicated to fulfilling your order as efficiently as possible. In the event of any unforeseen delays, we will notify you promptly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We value your business and want to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 48 hours of sending your email, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at 07 3245 2213. Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you and provide any necessary updates regarding your order.

Unlock the power of personalisation and make your mark with our Customized Logo made to order. Whether you’re a professional craftsman, a small business owner, or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our stamp will help you elevate your creations to new heights. Stand out from the crowd, leave an indelible mark, and showcase your unique brand identity with our personalised embossing stamp. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your leather and wood items with a touch of elegance and professionalism. Order your custom embossing stamp today and experience the transformative power of personal branding.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 1 cm
Radius Size

0-35mm, 0-40mm, 0-50mm, 0-75mm, 0-125mm, 0-35mm with S/Steel Shaft for Hammer, 0-40mm with S/Steel Shaft for Hammer, 0-50mm with S/Steel Shaft for Hammer, 0-75mm with S/Steel Shaft for Hammer, 0-125mm with S/Steel Shaft for Hammer


Without handle, Stainless Steel Handle


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