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Leather tools are essential and specialised instruments specifically designed for working with leather. These tools serve various purposes, including cutting, punching, stitching, and shaping the material, enabling craftsmen to create a wide range of leather products.

When it comes to cutting leather, specialised knives and scissors are used to achieve precise and clean cuts. These tools provide artisans with the control and accuracy necessary to work with the material effectively. Different styles and sizes of cutting tools are available to cater to specific cutting needs and project requirements.

Punches are indispensable tools in leatherworking, used for creating holes or perforations in leather. They come in various shapes and sizes, such as round, oval, or oblong, and serve decorative or functional purposes. They are commonly used for adding patterns, creating holes for stitching, or attaching hardware components to leather items.

Stitching tools play a vital role in joining leather pieces together. Awls are used to pierce holes in the leather, facilitating hand stitching. Needles, on the other hand, are paired with threads or laces to sew leather pieces, and they come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various stitching techniques.

Leather shaping tools help artisans create desired forms and contours in the material. Equipment like bone folders or wooden burnishers are used to smooth edges, crease folds, and shape leather during the construction process. They ensure a professional finish and help maintain the intended shape and structure of the leather product.

Hammers are versatile tools used in leatherworking for tasks such as setting snaps or rivets, flattening seams, or providing impact for secure attachments. Leather hammers have weighted heads that allow craftsmen to control strikes while minimising damage to the leather surface.

In summary, leather tools are specialised instruments that are indispensable for working with leather. From cutting and punching to stitching and shaping, these tools enable craftsmen to bring their creative leather projects to life. With a large range available, artisans can achieve precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal in their leatherwork, resulting in beautifully crafted and functional items, including shoes, belts, bags, and wallets.