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Throwing knives is a dynamic and challenging sport that tests a participant’s precision, focus, and technique. In this activity, individuals, known as throwers, use specialised knives designed for throwing to hit targets with accuracy. The sport requires a combination of skill, timing, and coordination to successfully land the knives on the target and accumulate points.

Throwing knife targets typically consist of wooden boards or foam targets with marked scoring zones, including a central bullseye and surrounding rings worth different point values. Throwers stand at a specified distance from the target and take turns throwing their knives, aiming to hit the target as close to the centre as possible to score points.

Competitions in throwing knives can vary from informal gatherings to organised events with strict rules and regulations. The sport attracts both participants and spectators due to the excitement of watching skilled throwers demonstrate their accuracy and technique.

As throwers practice and refine their abilities, they develop a deep appreciation for the artistry and skill required in throwing knives. It is a sport that challenges individuals to push their limits, improve their accuracy, and enjoy the thrill of hitting the target with precision.